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Hello, in this post I will be talking about the Edu-Blogs International Student Blogging Challenge that I will be participating in.

The Student Blogging challenge is a challenge that every week we will have a new bogging challenge. I will be participating in this challenge. I will be receiving comments internationally. I will be as well be commenting internationally.

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The Bugatti Veyron is one of (or is) the fastest car in the world and is certainly my favorite.

I would absolutely love one. The reason why i would want one is that it looks so
smouth and aerodynamic. Another reason is that I like french cars for no
particular reason. The interior ,also, looks very nice.

Its very well know to be very reliable.

What is your dream car? Why?

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Comments Post

If you have been wondering what comments to leave on my blog then this post will help you know what types of comments I like.

I like comments that relate my posts to the life of the reader.

I also like comments that point out specific features, things they find different, or things they like in the post. For example:

Hello Kyler,

how did you make your photo? I find your introduction very funny. I would not want to be 100 years old because, like you said, you have a higher chance of getting sick. Also I like being wise.

                                                                                                                                                Bernie Online

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Super Fun Day

If I had a perfect day, it would start with me sleeping with my dog, Snowflake, untill nine thirty and to wake up to the smell of wonderful, beautiful, delicious, palachinkies. If you do not know what palachinkies are, they are Bulgarian pancakes. If you did not know I am also a quarter Bulgarian. I love palachinkies. They are especially good with some nice apple jelly. I could go on and on about palachinkies but I will stop there.

boatAfter breakfast my Dad, my Mom, my sister, my grandparents and I would get in my dad’s car and drive to the Old Port of Montreal. If you do not know where or what the Old Port is do not worry, I will tell you. The Old Port is in Montreal and consists of an IMAX, discovery center, and lately a new cruise ship port right next to it. It is also surrounded by old buildings, hence the name ”Old Port”. So once we arrive we would walk around and rent a 10 seater motor boat. I would love to drive a motor boat. I never drove one as I am writing this post, however I have driven a pedal boat and a kayak but never a motor boat. I really can not wait to be sixteen to get a driver`s license. So once we would get in the motor boat I would, obviously, choose the driver`s seat. I would drive that boat so happily. I would have so much fun driving up and down the St-Lawrence River.

After that tremendously fun boat ride, we would go to eat some nice pizza( personally I do not love pizza but my sister loves it). My favorite pizza is peperoni. It is weird how our taste matures. Remember when you were little you found pepperoni to spicy and all you ate in terms of pizza was cheese. Now some of you eat pepperoni and maybe some all dressed.

Then we would go to my Dad’s house to swim in my Dad’s pool. When I am in a pool I find it is so much fun and a time to be with your family. Playing ”Marco Polo” is one of my favorite games to play in the pool. I also like doing laps. Swimming is my favorite sport. We would swim for hours.

sushi3Finally we would go to Mitsuki ( my favorite sushi place). I love sushi. In fact it is my favorite food. The raw fish, the sauce, the rice, I love it all. I can taste it now. Yummy. I feel so hungry now.

After that wonderful, yummy, and huge supper we would go ”go karting”. I find it so much fun. Going up to 75 KM/H. 75 KM/H is so fast when you do not have a windshield. After a while your eyes hurt from the wind and the fumes.

At last I go home after that long day take a shower,brush my teeth, and curl up in my cozy little bed and shut my eyes and finally go to sleep. As I fall asleep I would be thinking “ Wow! That was the best day ever!“

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cvr9781416971719_9781416971719_hrImagine what it would be like never being able to speak your whole life! Well, that is the case of Melody, the main character of the book Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. The reason why she can not talk is that she sadly has cerebral palsy. It is a physical and sometimes mental sickness. It is a permanent movement disorder or in other words, it removes total control of your body.

I couldn’t speak, even without cerebral palsy, I would be having a fit every time I tried to communicate. I wound be misunderstood to many times. I have no idea how Melody doesn’t have what she calls ”tornado explosions” every day, she claims they’re rare. Just imagine if you saw  someone how couldn’t talk. You would( or other people) would view him or her differently.

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I interview my Grandfather about 9/11

Hopefully no introduction is needed if you read my 9/11 posts. Here is what my grandfather said to me during the interview:

‘‘I was on business in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. I was working on the reform of the treasury board. While I was there someone told me that an air plane hit the world trade center. I knew immediately it was terrorism by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda had been planning a terrorist attack for a long time. There was no television at my office so I went to my hotel to watch CNN. I knew your grandmother was safe because she was in Montreal, although I was afraid that the airports would be closed. I am still mad and frustrated at George Bush for firing C.I.A. senior advisors because Bill Clinton had appointed them. I am also mad at him for disregarding warnings of possible terrorist attacks. I think that Bush is in part responsible for disregarding warnings.”

Constantin T.

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I interview my Grandmother about 9/11

In this series of posts you will be able to see the point of view of some of my family members of what happened that horrible day:

“I was making the bed and I saw on the T.V. In the bedroom the plane crashing into the World Trade Center. I was alone .Your Grandfather was in Europe on business. I phoned him right away to tell him the shocking news. I was also very worried about my nephew, Gerry, who worked in Manhattan and my niece, Natalie, who also worked in Manhattan. The phone lines to the states were down and I couldn’t get in touch with them till the next day very late. They thankfully were safe .However, Gerry was in the building right beside the World Trade Center. He saw everything. He saw people trying to climb out of windows to safety. They evacuated their building and he started walking to Natalie’s apartment. By the time he got there, he was covered in ashes and soot. He stayed with his sister, Natalie for the night because he could not get home to New Jersey to his family because the trains stopped running and the bridges were closed. It was a terrifying time for all.”

Maureen C.

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The name Bernie

You might be wondering why I used the pseudonym Bernie. I actually chose it because I love politics. Recently the American elections have been going on. So, instead of Donald (reference to Donald Trump), or Ted (reference to Ted Cruz) I chose the best and most intelligent, Bernie Sanders.

I had to do a lot of research to figure out what the name Bernie meant because the name Bernie is used for a movie and Bernie Sanders. Just search Bernie and you will get much more than what you wanted. Not in a good way. Anyway here is the link to the site if you want to check other names  out:

So after that long research I found out that Bernie meant strong as a bear and bringer of victory. Sadly or luckily( depends the way you view the politics), Bernie Sanders was not a bringer of victory. The origin of that name is Scandinavian (whatever it is), American (who knew), German, and Greek.

                                                                                                                     Bernie Online

(hopefully now you know what it means)

To be clear I 100% support Hillary Clinton no matter what!

9/11: Fifteen Years Later

north_face_south_tower_after_plane_strike_9-11September 11, 2001 was a day that shook and changed the world. It was the day Al-Qaeda performed the most deadly and devastating terrorist attack on American soil.

Al-Qaeda started by hi-jacking four different planes going to different places. They planned it strategically so they had lots of fuel left. American Airlines flight 11 left from Logan International Airport in Boston and was going to Los Angeles International Airport. United Airlines flight 175 from Logan Airport and was going to Los Angeles as well. United Airlines flight 93 took off from Newark Airport and was going to San Francisco International Airport. Lastly, there was American Airlines flight 77 from Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles.

Two of them crashed into the twin towers one in the south tower and one flight_paths_of_hijacked_planes-september_11_attacksin the north tower. The third crashed into the Pentagon but luckily caused minimal damage. The last was going to Washington D.C. for sure but was either going to the White House or Congress. The reason why the last plane never accomplished its goal was that the passengers took over the plane by storming the cockpit the taking out the terrorists and crashed it into an empty field.

That was only the beginning. After that the U.S. entered a global war on terror. Not saying they were not in it before. Just now they played a bigger role in it. 9/11 has obviously changed the way we view the world today in terms of security.

If anything like that would happen again it would be terrible. Gladly, we hopefully have good enough security to prevent something like that happening again.

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I interview my Grand Father about 9/11

I interview my Grand Mother about 9/11

I interview my Father about 9/11

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